Who performs your assessment (PIP)

Who performs your PIP Assessment

We have a team of Health Professionals (physiotherapists, nurses, occupational therapists and paramedics) who carry out PIP consultations and produce reports for the DWP.

Our Health Professionals are experienced and trained to accurately assess the impact of your health conditions or disabilities on your daily life using DWP criteria. The Health Professionals come from a variety of health backgrounds, such as NHS, hospitals and private practice so they have experience of working with people in all kinds of complex and challenging situations. You will be treated by them with dignity and respect throughout the assessment process.

Ensuring High Quality and Accurate Reports

We are committed to providing the DWP with high quality and accurate reports. That is why our Health Professionals go through comprehensive specialist training in disability assessment.  Their learning and professional development is a continuous process specially tailored to their roles as disability analysts.

The continuing professional development programme is agreed annually with DWP  and uses feedback from a number of sources  to decide what will be included.  These include the DWP itself, welfare rights groups, the Court and Tribunal Service, independent claimant satisfaction surveys, and other feedbacks.

As well as regular training, a Health Professional’s individual quality and performance is closely managed, which includes the use of positive and negative feedback raised by you, as well as quality audits.

Each Health Professional will also be supported by Health Professional Champions who have specialist knowledge in specific areas, such as mental function. The Health Professional can seek advice and support from the champions at any point in the assessment process.

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