Starting a PIP claim

Starting a PIP Claim

If you want to make a PIP claim, the first thing to do is contact the DWP. The DWP will help get you started in the process, generally by asking you to complete a How Your Disability Affects You form which you return to DWP.  See the PIP How to Claim section (open in new window) for more information about what might be involved at the start of the PIP process. 

It is very important that your How Your Disability Affects You form is completed in full and that you provide as much supporting evidence as you can easily obtain (from a health or other professional involved in your care, for example). Any additional evidence you want to provide should be sent with your How Your Disability Affects You form.  Send photocopies of the additional evidence rather than originals.

You do not need to request additional evidence that you may have to pay for, e.g. a report from a GP. If this evidence is required we will request it from the GP and pay their fees for producing it.

The DWP has special arrangements for people who have a terminal illness and are not expected to live for more than six months. If you have a confirmed PIP claim under the special rules for terminally ill people, your claim will be dealt with more quickly.

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