Assessment Approach

PIP Assessment Approach

Each person claiming PIP is unique and might face all kinds of challenges from a wide range of health conditions or disabilities.  

We work in partnership with trusted organisations, and our experienced health professionals are fully trained to understand the complex effects of living with a health condition or disability.
Having first reviewed a copy of your How Your Disability Affects You form, if provided (unless you are applying under the special rules for terminally ill people), and other evidence submitted to the DWP, our Health Professionals may need to see you face to face in a consultation to assess the impact of your health condition or disability.

Consultations – Comfortable and Open

Most people will be able to travel to a local consultation centre, but there are situations where it is more appropriate for the consultation to take place in an individual’s home. Using DWP guidance, we will decide where the consultation is to be held. You will then be advised of the appointment by letter or phone.

If your consultation is at one of our consultation centres, you can be assured that the centre is designed to be accessible for people with a wide range of disabilities, and meets all accessibility standards defined in the Equality Act 2010. All consultation centres can be reached using public transport and travel expenses (open in new window) can be reimbursed.

Using criteria based on a series of everyday activities as set out by the DWP, the Health Professional will discuss a range of topics with you relating to the impact that your health condition or disability has on your daily life.

You can also have an interpreter (open in a new window) present at the consultation.

Following the consultation, our Health Professional will complete the report and send it to the DWP.  The report provides the DWP with an objective and impartial view of how you are affected by your health condition or disability.

The DWP will review the report, along with any other evidence provided before and during your consultation to make a decision on your entitlement to benefit and length of any award. They will contact you with the details of that decision.

A graphical representation of each stage of the process is shown below.

You can also see a version of this image in an alternative format on our YouTube channel, along with a voice-over and captions.

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You can access a full size version of the image here

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