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Consultation Locations

The following list of Consultation Centre addresses is provided to show the overall distribution of locations which will be available for PIP Consultations. Not all consultation centres have performed consultations at the current time.

East England Scotland
London South East England
North East England South West England
North West England Yorkshire & Humberside

We are proud to work with a wide range of partner organisations that are providing both the accommodation used for consultations and also the trained health professionals who will undertake them.

The number and location of consultation centres is determined by the number of people the DWP refer to us and we anticipate that this number will increase over time as the number of referrals increases.

We will normally allocate appointments at the consultation centre nearest to a claimant’s home address if an appropriate appointment slot exists.  In some situations and where demand for appointments out strips the availability it will be necessary to offer consultations in the next nearest centre.

It will not be possible for claimants to choose the centre at which they have their consultation but we will consider requests and we will accommodate changes where we can.

Claimants who are medically unable to attend a consultation centre will be offered consultations in their homes.

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