Before your PIP Consultation

Before your PIP Consultation

The DWP will send us your How Your Disability Affects You form and any other information you have provided to them. Our Health Professional will review the information and may need to seek more evidence in support of your claim. If you have included any people or organizations in your How Your Disability Affects You form, please provide their full contact details so we may contact them for further information in support of your claim.

The How Your Disability Affects You form and supporting evidence that you provide will be reviewed by our Health Professionals and used to decide whether we can give advice to the DWP without the need for a face to face consultation with you, or whether we need to see you at one of our consultation centres or in your home if more appropriate.
If you are asked to attend a face to face consultation, it will give you the chance to tell us in your own words how your health condition or disability affects your daily life, and discuss your situation with our Health Professional.

Please use the links below to see further information, support and advice to prepare for your consultation:

If you need help completing your How Your Disability Affects You form, or if you have any queries regarding your benefit, please contact the DWP on 0345 850 3322 or textphone 0345 601 6677.

Our Customer Service Centre advisers are trained to answer questions about your appointment. The Customer Service Centre telephone number is on your appointment letter. Contact us if you:

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