Atos Healthcare - PIP Customer Charter

PIP Customer Charter

Personal Independence Payment - Our commitment to you

We will conduct a fair, accurate and objective assessment of how you are affected by your health condition. This will help the DWP to decide on your PIP entitlement.

Treat with respect

We will treat you as an individual, listen to you and will strive to ensure you have a positive experience with us.

Fair and accurate assessment

An approved Health Professional will assess you fairly and accurately and provide a report to the DWP about how you are affected by your health condition.

On Time

We aim to keep to your appointment time, and if not we will update you about any waiting time.

Easy Access

We will provide your consultation at an appropriate place. We also encourage you to bring a relative, carer or friend along to the consultation if you would find it helpful.

We ask you to:

We will also:

You can provide us with feedback:

Atos Healthcare PIP Customer Relations

PO Box 1006


TS19 1UL

Alternatively, if you require further information please visit our feedback page

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