Types of Assessment DLA

Disability Living Allowance (DLA) assessments

Disability Living Allowance

Disability Living Allowance (DLA) is a tax-free benefit for disabled children and adults under the age of 65 to help with extra costs that may be caused by the disability.

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DLA Medical Assessment

Some people who make a claim for Disability Living Allowance may be asked to have a medical assessment. This is usually because more information is needed before a decision about the claim can be made by the DWP.

The medical assessment will be carried out by a doctor from Atos Healthcare and is likely to be different from what you would expect from a GP or hospital consultant. The doctor is not there to diagnose or treat a medical condition but to assess how a condition affects someone. To do this, the doctor may or may not need to carry out a physical examination.

Information is gathered from the person’s history, and from observing and examining the individual.

Extra information or medical evidence can be brought to the assessment to assist the doctor with their report. A companion can attend for support and can also supply information.

The doctor will discuss your medical history, any medication and activities undertaken in a typical day. This will be recorded but will not be a word for word record.

Verbal consent will be obtained for the physical examination to proceed, should it be necessary. A person is encouraged to do only as much of the examination as they feel comfortable with.  There is no requirement to remove items of intimate clothing.

Once the doctor has gathered the necessary information the interview ends. The doctor will then spend time reviewing and evaluating everything and will then complete the report for the Decision Maker in DWP. Within the report they will explain and justify their opinions.

The completed report is returned to the DWP.


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