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There are centres situated across Scotland, Wales and England which we use every day to carry out assessments. Different centres are used for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) consultations, listed at this link. The majority are sites which we share or are co-located with government offices, often Job Centres.

We use facilities at additional sites, usually in more rural locations and often located in local hospitals, that are open on a less regular basis to help those who require a face-to-face assessment not to have to travel long distances.

In almost all circumstances you should not have to travel more than 90 minutes each way by public transport to visit an assessment centre.

Some assessment centres do not have facilities to carry out assessments at ground floor level.  For these centres, we have clearly identified this on the individual centre's page with information on what to do if you have an appointment booked at the centre but feel that you would have difficulty going down stairs in the event of an emergency.

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