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The Doctor, Nurse or Physiotherapist conducting your assessment

In order to carry out assessments of benefit claims, all health care professionals must complete a recognised and specially designed training course and must be approved by the DWP Chief Medical Adviser.

If you would prefer to be seen by a health care professional of the same sex, you can indicate this in your questionnaire or call our Contact Centre on 0800 2888 777 for ESA assessments – for all other allowances and benefits please call the number on your appointment letter.  Whenever possible, we try to meet all requests for a health care professional of the same sex.

Please be assured that all health care professionals have a duty and obligation to their professional code of practice to behave in a professional and appropriate manner whilst carrying out assessments.

If you are interested in this you might be interested in an image we have created to show the stages of recruitment and training for HCPs. You can see this image on our blog.

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